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The weird material issue between the head and body in the showcase video has been fixed

Currently PC only quest version may be provided in the future at no extra cost

Must have basic unity knowledge.

Any issues/questions can be asked in my Discord

Head (fxllxng)

Base (Zinpia)

Base Texture (Alex)

Outfit, Choker (Vinuzhka)

Hair (Saikura)

Ears 1 (Samoyzz)

Ears 2 (Nyakoh)

Shoes (J.R.)

Wings, Tail, Nip piercing (FillMyPantry)

Glasses (Awmi)

Harness (Karma)

Hoodie (Minki)

Toggles for everything but the hair and base

Hue shift for Hair/ears, and tattoo's

Thanks to komahegao for setting up a lot of the unity side and helping with pics <3 ily father

Also thanks to kira for help with the pics and toggle showcase i had lots of fun recording them <33

The materials use Poiyomi toon version 8.1

buy everything from their original makers, do not asset mine

if you need info or forgot something message me

Basic TOS

Dont leak, rip, asset mine, etc obtain all assets legally from their original creators and do not share the package with anyone under any circumstances thanks.

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (288MB) file