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This product is no longer sold. i dont have time to maintain it the source code will be provided on github here.


  • Auto delete end bones
  • Duplicate all materials to specified folder and switch their shader to one specified
  • Auto set view position
  • Auto setup eye look
  • Auto add physbones to common places (with presets for different bases)
  • Edit multiple texture sizes at once without needing to find them in your files
  • Easily delete physbones without needing to find them in the armature
  • Copy materials from one avatar to another
  • Copy components (physbones, dynamicbones, colliders, parent constraints? i think, etc) from one avatar to another
  • Twist bone setup helper
  • Mass toggle creator
  • Material swap helper
  • Hue shift helper
  • Auto Render setup
  • Radial Toggle Creator
  • PhysBone Merger
  • Missing script remover
  • Dissolve toggle creator
  • Contact setup helper
  • Bound fixer
  • More to come!

POIYOMI IS NEEDED FOR DISSOLVE, HUE SHIFT, AND AUTO RENDER SETUP (render background material's shader can be changed if you don't want to use poiyomi for it)

Want new features?

Suggest them in my discord HERE

The previews are being stupid join discord if you wanna know exactly how it works ^^

If you use this for your avatars you sell I don't expect/care about credits all I ask is to please not leak the files with anyone and instead send them the link.

If you cannot afford the product/want to pay a different way please message me on discord: AkiraDev and we might be able to work something out!

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (122KB) file